Day and night

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Day and night

Forever in my mind I always had dreams, dreams so scary, makes me wake up every night.

Forever in my heart I always got loved, my family and friends were angels to my demons.

Every nightmare I had, must be the deep buried fear, the wounds are healed, and the scars are open.

Each passing night I see a beautiful day. I get the best from the world. Can it be more perfect?

Yet another lovely day passed, and it’s time to sleep, unaware of the fact what I might see in my dream.

Sometimes I wake up wishing it’s not real, my love assures me when I find myself in his arms safe and secure.

Baby trust me I’m happy! it’s a fairy tale I ‘m living. Still every night goes like a walk through the hell I left behind.

I don’t know when my angels will win over my demons and this roller-coaster of emotions will stop once and ever.

I hope it happens sometimes soon, for why I want to live again with you.

Like an untouched beautiful soul I was. And be forever in your arms till I breathe my last.


Happily married

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Full Moon

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From now on we live in a world where man has walked on the Moon. It's not a miracle; we just decided to go.

From now on we live in a world where man has walked on the Moon. It’s not a miracle; we just decided to go.

I tried something unusual…drawing a moon was so difficult but it came out just fine…It reminds me of quote.

“Love is like a Moon when it does not increase , it decreases…”
So enjoy the most when Moon is full 🙂 :*

You are my world now...

You are my world now…

This sketch is drawn for all those exquisite couples who are proud BFs,GFs… who love unconditionally… No matter what never let go…. A little possessive and very protective…. I hope you can relate to them….

Monsoon Rain

Monsoon Rain

I have a beautiful moment of monsoon to share with you .. Isn’t it lovely ??
I always wanted to draw rain.. I did not know it will turn out to be so beautiful..! mostly because how easily we connect with rain… this moment shows many exquisite must remember walking on a bridge on a rainy day…we all do…next time you walk on bridge I hope this memory of mine makes you smile.

When heart tears... Eyes tears..

When heart tears… Eyes tears..

Cause there’ll be no sunlight…
If I lose you, baby…
There’ll be no clear skies…
If I lose you, baby…
Just like the clouds…
My eyes will do the same, if you walk away…
Everyday it will rain, rain, rain…ae ae….

## BRUNO MARS -It will rain## Twilight- BREAKING DAWN.

it was Indian National Bird...

it was Indian National Bird…

Beautiful bird…. It has many colors…so soothing to eyes… It has iridescent blue-green or green colored plumage and when It start dancing spreading its feather nothing can match the beauty of it…
It’s a mating season so more of the peacocks are seen dancing to attract peahens… you know in birds ….males are naturally more beautiful than females…. it’s amazing .Isn’t it?

Sunrise painting

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Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise

There is always a story behind my every creation. Actually sketching is something which I do for drawing a emotions ..the feelings….
This drawing is a beautiful SUNRISE… It is drawn for people who are obsessed with sunsets.. Guys sunrises are more beautiful and romantic.. This gave me a reason to use water colors in a long time.. And it’s dedicated to a special friend who loves photography.. ! I hope it brightens his life like a morning sunshine


Blue and beautiful 🙂

I have been drawing colorful birds lately… I love it…kind of obsessed with birds.. a beautiful creation of nature…sometimes I wonder why only birds can fly ??


This sketch is so lively….
Little baby with his first reaction when that warm water flowed down his head… and automatically closed his eyes and lips tightly and hands in to fists… it’s so beautiful…

Drawing this sketch had been like an adventure,… playing with water is no joke… the water drops needed to be so clear and highlighting part of sketch…

Do I need to say anything more?? I love babies.. those little hands, delicate skin ,soft touch ,tiny eyes and of course that shimmering smile…which brightens our day…
this one sure is Exquisite creation of mine…

I would really like a feedback on this sketch…

Pencils 3H-8B

Time: approximately 5 hours(for work and rework)….

hello dear ones… finally I’m publishing one of my story I’ve written and also I’ve drawn matching sketch for it 🙂

(The theme is the friendship cum love between the star and moon. our hero is moon and his sweetheart is a star.I don’t know how I’ve written it…but it seemed alright to me .In beginning there is an explanation of their bonding and friendship…then after a small incident how moon proposes to the star and tell her his changed feelings….

also I have used full moon and new moon references

full-moon (when the moon if full and most radiant)

new-moon(a moon can’t be seen -no radiance)


so here we go…..!

Naughty and sweet a flighty star,
this is her story different and superb.

Gambols in the sky here and there,
this elegant star by amazing others.
Other stars have jealousies for her,
why she has some of the best radiance?

She is the one, Moon’s favorite!
Wanders around him, all the time.

It is a strong friendship of the two;
the habit of living for each other grew!

Moon used to ask her,
Aren’t you my forever friend dear?
Shy coy she only smile beautifully,

Glowing her brightness more naturally.
This love of the two is too unfathomable;
it fascinated everybody in the whole world.

Moon tenderly kissed her at one Full-Moon night;
Irritated by it she got confused & mad slight,
New-Moon was seen the very first time that night.

Nobody knew what was not right…
Worried and concerned she went out to find him,
she lost her radiance completely from within…

Suddenly Moon called her from behind,
“Shimmering starry you are my beloved friend”!
Do not search me anywhere; I live in your heart dear!
Your solicitude and deep warmth for me!

Love can be seen in your eyes and lips..!

I pretended to be a New-Moon to tease you.
I wanted to you see you in my sweetest dream!

Always fresh and new are these all meetings…
Come in my arms and now hug me tight!

The star then embraced the Moon in such a way,
for the life time their pair is now set…

Full-Moon is no fun unless after a New-Moon night……
And there is no other punishment like a hug after a small fight…..!

# No matter how screwed up you think your life is, just remember that your story is still better than the twilight’s…##

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flowers made by stocking

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one of the best way to make flowers is out of stocking.This material is readily available in stores…one just have to make it petal by petal,,, stem out of steel/iron wire.. tie all the petals together to make beautiful way is to use different colors.. stocking flowers

so much colorful…drawn by color pencils 🙂

I tried my best..but I know dealing with colors is no joke!

so beautiful....

so beautiful….

After watching Despicable me all are aware of little Minions.It was a fun idea to draw minion versions of favourite characters, there are any superhero versions available online mostly a fan art… so I chose Tarzan for my minion… I loved Tarzan series as a kid .and always have admired the character so I used my imagination to create this Tarzan minion


A Tarzan Minion

ohh well this one has introduced himself… he is a crazy fan of minions my friend Aniket …if you see his pic …You will see the similarities between the two… spike hair , wide frame specs ,fun attitude. his Birthday is coming soon so I decided to draw him… lol…
We have same little minion toys too…

minion for fun

minion for fun

# ‘Being honest’ is useless unless one speaks the truth at right time in right situation at right place! #

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Struggling for a sunshine every single day

Misunderstood, devalued, mistreated that’s how I’m left...

It’s raining at my door since that night,

When you said goodbye after a small fight...

You played your cards and won this game,

Now I’m just a ruined queen; rest is same…

I wish you cared; turned back once,

Breathed life in to me and woke me up…

Cold, wet, frozen in this state I’m now

Is it really rains or my tears somehow?

Thinking of all the good times,

Heart aching reality and mostly lies;

I was addicted to some kind of sadness,

Devoured by the tears & paralysed by the pain…

It’s too real to forget what you have done,

Yeah it seems like such fun until you lose what you have won

I know I made wrong choices; it’s too late to survive

Because I’m living to die & dying to live for a while…

Goodbye to the sunshine, goodbye to the moon…

Love is unreal then how it blooms?

This is my goodbye & how my surreal fairytale ends…

A Heart for a Heart and a Death for a Death….!



All you can do is to leave behind those Broken dreams…

First day at college, you are hiding from bullies…
You drop your books and that one person around corner who helps you…

Who is a friend?
What is a friendship?

You are bored at home; you want to hang out…
You give one call and he is standing out…

Who is a friend?
What is a friendship?

Every day in college but hardly in class…
You teach him studying and he teaches you bunking

Who is a friend?
What is a friendship?

You liked a girl and he teased you…
You thought he will help…but he drove her home…

Who is a friend?
What is a friendship?

It’s your exams you decide to study whole night…
Doorbell rings at midnight and it’s your friend!

Who is a friend?
What is a friendship?

You got results, you both are happy,
He took you for party and you spent whole pocket money

Who is a friend?
What is a friendship?

friends are family

friends are family

Girls are many but there is one Queen.
She is awesome and beautiful but he is her brother.

Who is a friend?
What is friendship?

It’s your birthday, you are still awake…
Waiting for his call, But he just forgot…

Who is a friend?
What is a friendship?

Your girlfriend left you, you are heartbroken,
He laughs at you and says ‘I had said so’,
Take you to the pub and drinks with you whole night

He is a friend!
Ohh yeah that is a friendship!

Call him a close friend, just friend, or forever best friend.
Too many names but this person remains the same.

Who is a friend?
What is a friendship?

There is an emergency at your home, your mom is sick!
You miss your class and he gets worried.
He visits you at home; he helps you and takes her care too…
He is a true friend indeed hence it’s proved…

That’s why my dear the god has a plan;
He gave us relatives when we are born
Only friends are left, for your own choice…
So be wise and make it right Guys!

SCOUBIDOU making is really a fun

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Crafts

SCOUBIDOU making is really a fun.

try making key chains by scoubidou strands…follow the guide from this post 🙂