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so much colorful…drawn by color pencils 🙂

I tried my best..but I know dealing with colors is no joke!

so beautiful....

so beautiful….

After watching Despicable me all are aware of little Minions.It was a fun idea to draw minion versions of favourite characters, there are any superhero versions available online mostly a fan art… so I chose Tarzan for my minion… I loved Tarzan series as a kid .and always have admired the character so I used my imagination to create this Tarzan minion


A Tarzan Minion

ohh well this one has introduced himself… he is a crazy fan of minions my friend Aniket …if you see his pic …You will see the similarities between the two… spike hair , wide frame specs ,fun attitude. his Birthday is coming soon so I decided to draw him… lol…
We have same little minion toys too…

minion for fun

minion for fun

# ‘Being honest…

Posted: July 21, 2013 in Sketches

# ‘Being honest’ is useless unless one speaks the truth at right time in right situation at right place! #

Struggling for a sunshine every single day

Misunderstood, devalued, mistreated that’s how I’m left...

It’s raining at my door since that night,

When you said goodbye after a small fight...

You played your cards and won this game,

Now I’m just a ruined queen; rest is same…

I wish you cared; turned back once,

Breathed life in to me and woke me up…

Cold, wet, frozen in this state I’m now

Is it really rains or my tears somehow?

Thinking of all the good times,

Heart aching reality and mostly lies;

I was addicted to some kind of sadness,

Devoured by the tears & paralysed by the pain…

It’s too real to forget what you have done,

Yeah it seems like such fun until you lose what you have won

I know I made wrong choices; it’s too late to survive

Because I’m living to die & dying to live for a while…

Goodbye to the sunshine, goodbye to the moon…

Love is unreal then how it blooms?

This is my goodbye & how my surreal fairytale ends…

A Heart for a Heart and a Death for a Death….!



All you can do is to leave behind those Broken dreams…

First day at college, you are hiding from bullies…
You drop your books and that one person around corner who helps you…

Who is a friend?
What is a friendship?

You are bored at home; you want to hang out…
You give one call and he is standing out…

Who is a friend?
What is a friendship?

Every day in college but hardly in class…
You teach him studying and he teaches you bunking

Who is a friend?
What is a friendship?

You liked a girl and he teased you…
You thought he will help…but he drove her home…

Who is a friend?
What is a friendship?

It’s your exams you decide to study whole night…
Doorbell rings at midnight and it’s your friend!

Who is a friend?
What is a friendship?

You got results, you both are happy,
He took you for party and you spent whole pocket money

Who is a friend?
What is a friendship?

friends are family

friends are family

Girls are many but there is one Queen.
She is awesome and beautiful but he is her brother.

Who is a friend?
What is friendship?

It’s your birthday, you are still awake…
Waiting for his call, But he just forgot…

Who is a friend?
What is a friendship?

Your girlfriend left you, you are heartbroken,
He laughs at you and says ‘I had said so’,
Take you to the pub and drinks with you whole night

He is a friend!
Ohh yeah that is a friendship!

Call him a close friend, just friend, or forever best friend.
Too many names but this person remains the same.

Who is a friend?
What is a friendship?

There is an emergency at your home, your mom is sick!
You miss your class and he gets worried.
He visits you at home; he helps you and takes her care too…
He is a true friend indeed hence it’s proved…

That’s why my dear the god has a plan;
He gave us relatives when we are born
Only friends are left, for your own choice…
So be wise and make it right Guys!

SCOUBIDOU making is really a fun

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Crafts

SCOUBIDOU making is really a fun.

try making key chains by scoubidou strands…follow the guide from this post 🙂

Have you ever listened to bedtime stories?

Have you ever listened to bedtime stories?

It’s like an every-night activity. someone reads stories to you about princess ,wars ,dramatic, action etc. and then you sleep with dreams where you are a hero fighting with dragon , saving princess ….ha ha ha…. childhood is full of stories , something we can never forget… now we give these stories to our children and then they will read to their children….

The idea behind drawing this sketch is a theme very sweet one. Your own teddy bear (here it is a lion) reading stories to you.
I hope you liked it already 🙂 keep dreaming…

Flowers that I made

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These flowers certainly look so beautiful once made… you can keep it in transparent glass/pot ….because of finishing at surface it’s shiny…I prefer these over stocking flowers. all you need is those little things you use for embroidery for cloths… green tape , silver thin wire ..etc

This is how you start knitting strands one by one. it needs some patience. In square knot one has to follow pattern of colors knots should be done in same direction of loop with alternate colors. and in round knot same loops going and no need to remember colors.

SCOUBIDOU strands(02)

SCOUBIDOU strands(03)

SCOUBIDOU strands(04)

round knot

round knot

Look at the pic below. I have added scoubies to my bags, pouch , wallets , car key chains and also have gifted to my friends…It’s easy and creative. even children above age of 7 can do this and it is available in all novelty stores.It comes with instructions how to go for different knots ..

key chain

I’m scoubidou crazy. I have them hanging on many things.mostly key chains

these are my sweet little helicopters made by SCOUBIDOU strings…It’s always fun to make key-chains using SCOUBIDOU strings. I love spending my free time for this. If you want to utilize your spare time take it as hobby…It’s worth it… and don’t forget .Be creative!! 🙂 :*

sweet little helicopters

sweet little scoubidou helicopters

True love’s realization

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Poems, Quotes

“True love’s realization is not in words…
There are many who say ‘I love you’s, show unnecessary affection…
But the one who stays with you Together for whole life meets rarely…”
———- Yugandhara More

Is it true love? then what is?

Is it true love? then what is?

I wrote it originally in my mother tongue i.e. Marathi (one of the Devnagari languages )
hope you liked it.

“खरया प्रेमाची प्रचिती ही शब्दांमध्ये नसते.
आय़ लव यू बोलणारे उगी प्रेम दाखवणारे खुप असतात.
पण आयुष्यभर एकरुप राहून साथ निभवणारे क्वचितच भेटतात.”
———- युगंधरा मोरे

guys it’s a provoking thought, in today’s online generation. many people use ‘I love yous’ as ‘Hellos’…it has lost it’s meaning… but one must understand true love is beyond that… 🙂

Is Buddhism Pessimistic?

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Blogs

Is Buddhism Pessimistic?.

It’s all about Buddhism…Must read article 🙂


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It’s close enough but could have been better… One of my attempt for realistic sketching with color pencils.

any suggestions?


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Best fairy ever

Best fairy ever

When you fly with me
Let your heart believe
Dreams can take you anywhere
If you just set them free
When you’re true to who you are
You will always find your star
All the wonders you will see
When you fly with me
Wonders will never cease when you fly with me

It’s a beautiful sketch .isn’t it?


walk on the clouds!

Have you watched the movie Unconditional? If you have then you will know why I have sketched this little darling. The story was the story of a FIRE BIRD is a real inspiration for the sketch. I have used colored pencils. hope You like it:)

It’s A story about a little bird that encountered the storms of life but by walking on the clouds learned that the sun still shines above the clouds.

Habitual criticizers

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## Some people have really long nose that they put in others matters. Whether they have any bit of knowledge or not…##

First Rain!

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I’m struck by an angel in a lightning weather..
shivering with a cool breeze and dancing in a mud..
I can almost kiss the clouds and murmur to the wind…
let’s play hide and seek, I know I will win..


Now I’m feeling like the shimmering rain is wiping away my tears
And the shining sunlight bringing smiles to my fears…
Ohh Ohh dear what a beautiful climate !!
It’s calling you near…….! 🙂


It’s a Rainy season in India and in first rain of the season I wrote this poem at a hill station was really a great experience…I could literally touch the clouds… yeh You are right nature does this to you. I’m a naturoholic 🙂

Hi everybody…

I’m really glad to post this on my blog. One of my blogger friend
from Philippines posted my sketch on his blog.. with a gratitude of words… He is really a good person (I have not seen his art yet). But he posts works of different artist from all around the world. (I can say that cause he posted mine :)) It’s a very inspirational blog where you can see distinct works of different artists.

Have a look here … 🙂

Featured Artist: Yugandhara More.

I have been thinking to draw this sketch for a while now.I used black color pencil for it And edited to add it’s realism with this post. Not sure how to caption it…But when it was done it gave me an inspiration to write a poem for it. Firstly I thought of identifying it with all kind of disappointments, sadness, depressions etc.


All you can do is to leave behind those Broken dreams…

Then I ended up creating this sensitive poem as a representation of heartbreak in love. Many of us have been hurt by our loved ones one way or the other whether it’s your family or friends or others. as they say Expectations lead to disappointments. And if not treated at right time it leads to depressions. This poem is just an artwork. whoever reading this please don’t be negative. I believe there is always a light after dark…And soon you will see some optimism in my next poems..But the real question is “Do ‘HAPPY EVER AFTER’ really exists ??” 🙂
keep wondering! Have a nice day!!!

All you can do is to leave behind those Broken dreams...

A bunch of people boating in an ocean

A bunch of people boating in an ocean

It’s quiet an experience…water all around and You can literally hear sound of waves . I loved the time I spent in water so I sketched it. I tried boating at Nakki Lake in MOUNT ABU. but it’s too difficult to keep it’s motion in one direction.obviously a boatman does his job the best. I hope you enjoy this sketch and visualize your experiences .


aren’t they cute?

My super gorgeous twin nephews…It’s really my pleasure that I got a chance to sketch them ….
P.S. They are already so cute that sketches became automatically effective