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Have you ever listened to bedtime stories?

Have you ever listened to bedtime stories?

It’s like an every-night activity. someone reads stories to you about princess ,wars ,dramatic, action etc. and then you sleep with dreams where you are a hero fighting with dragon , saving princess ….ha ha ha…. childhood is full of stories , something we can never forget… now we give these stories to our children and then they will read to their children….

The idea behind drawing this sketch is a theme very sweet one. Your own teddy bear (here it is a lion) reading stories to you.
I hope you liked it already 🙂 keep dreaming…

Flowers that I made

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These flowers certainly look so beautiful once made… you can keep it in transparent glass/pot ….because of finishing at surface it’s shiny…I prefer these over stocking flowers. all you need is those little things you use for embroidery for cloths… green tape , silver thin wire ..etc

This is how you start knitting strands one by one. it needs some patience. In square knot one has to follow pattern of colors knots should be done in same direction of loop with alternate colors. and in round knot same loops going and no need to remember colors.

SCOUBIDOU strands(02)

SCOUBIDOU strands(03)

SCOUBIDOU strands(04)

round knot

round knot

Look at the pic below. I have added scoubies to my bags, pouch , wallets , car key chains and also have gifted to my friends…It’s easy and creative. even children above age of 7 can do this and it is available in all novelty stores.It comes with instructions how to go for different knots ..

key chain

I’m scoubidou crazy. I have them hanging on many things.mostly key chains

these are my sweet little helicopters made by SCOUBIDOU strings…It’s always fun to make key-chains using SCOUBIDOU strings. I love spending my free time for this. If you want to utilize your spare time take it as hobby…It’s worth it… and don’t forget .Be creative!! 🙂 :*

sweet little helicopters

sweet little scoubidou helicopters