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True love’s realization

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Poems, Quotes

“True love’s realization is not in words…
There are many who say ‘I love you’s, show unnecessary affection…
But the one who stays with you Together for whole life meets rarely…”
———- Yugandhara More

Is it true love? then what is?

Is it true love? then what is?

I wrote it originally in my mother tongue i.e. Marathi (one of the Devnagari languages )
hope you liked it.

“खरया प्रेमाची प्रचिती ही शब्दांमध्ये नसते.
आय़ लव यू बोलणारे उगी प्रेम दाखवणारे खुप असतात.
पण आयुष्यभर एकरुप राहून साथ निभवणारे क्वचितच भेटतात.”
———- युगंधरा मोरे

guys it’s a provoking thought, in today’s online generation. many people use ‘I love yous’ as ‘Hellos’…it has lost it’s meaning… but one must understand true love is beyond that… 🙂

Is Buddhism Pessimistic?

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Blogs

Is Buddhism Pessimistic?.

It’s all about Buddhism…Must read article 🙂