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Hi everybody…

I’m really glad to post this on my blog. One of my blogger friend
from Philippines posted my sketch on his blog.. with a gratitude of words… He is really a good person (I have not seen his art yet). But he posts works of different artist from all around the world. (I can say that cause he posted mine :)) It’s a very inspirational blog where you can see distinct works of different artists.

Have a look here … 🙂

Featured Artist: Yugandhara More.

I have been thinking to draw this sketch for a while now.I used black color pencil for it And edited to add it’s realism with this post. Not sure how to caption it…But when it was done it gave me an inspiration to write a poem for it. Firstly I thought of identifying it with all kind of disappointments, sadness, depressions etc.


All you can do is to leave behind those Broken dreams…

Then I ended up creating this sensitive poem as a representation of heartbreak in love. Many of us have been hurt by our loved ones one way or the other whether it’s your family or friends or others. as they say Expectations lead to disappointments. And if not treated at right time it leads to depressions. This poem is just an artwork. whoever reading this please don’t be negative. I believe there is always a light after dark…And soon you will see some optimism in my next poems..But the real question is “Do ‘HAPPY EVER AFTER’ really exists ??” 🙂
keep wondering! Have a nice day!!!

All you can do is to leave behind those Broken dreams...